There are eight good reasons why BONNOX® Close Mesh is better than ordinary steel wire game fence!

Efficiency:With a spacing of only 15cm between vertical stay wires, the new BONNOX® Close Mesh will positively stop most game including bushbuck, steenbok, red duiker and jackal as well as dogs. This compares with the usual 1,5m spacing between droppers in case of ordinary steel wires which permit most small game to penetrate the fence, unless an additional mesh fence is added at the bottom of the fence at an extra cost. In order to equal the efficiency of BONNOX® Close Mesh, the droppers would have to be placed at intervals of 50cm on the ordinary steel wire fence - the cost of this would be prohibitive. Heavy game, such as elephant, will require additional strands of electric fence (also available from BONNOX®).

Fewer Straining Posts (up to 98m apart) because of reduced load: Due to the close spacing (30cm) between the vertical stay wires, the BONNOX® Close Mesh requires only a strain of 50kg per strand resulting in a total load of only 1000kg per straining post. This compares with a load of 150kg per strand with the ordinary 20-line wire fence resulting in a load of about 3000kg per straining post and about 6000kg per corner post.

Even Load on End Posts - Summer or Winter: A normal, inelastic steel wire fence contracts or expands in length at a rate of about 70mm over a length of 200m for a temperature variation of 30 degrees C. If the fence is correctly strained in winter it will slacken in summer, thus allowing game to penetrate. If, however, the fence is correctly strained in summer, it will increase the load on end posts in winter, resulting in either the wire snapping or the end posts being uprooted. Similar problems could arise in daily temperature fluctuations which could be as large as 25 degrees C in certain areas. In short, there is no way an ordinary steel wire fence can be efficient for 24 hours per day, summer or winter. Half of the time it will allow small game to penetrate, unless droppers are fitted at 50cm intervals.

Up to 80%(percent) Labour Saving! BONNOX® Close Mesh Fence comes in compact 100m rolls containing all line wires in the form of a single stable mat. It can be unrolled, flat on the ground, next to the fence line without any entanglements in about 5 minutes. Once the line wires have been attached to the first straining post, the whole 100 length of BONNOX® fence can be strained in one single operation with a special clamping tool in about 30 minutes. Total erection time excluding posts, stays and standards is about 30-60 minutes per 100m stretch. The fixing of line wires to the standards can be done some time later, by another work crew if necessary.

80%(percent) Time Saving! Compare this: Our 20-line wire Close Mesh BONNOX® fence requires only 8-10 ties per standard, i.e 80-100 ties per 100m fence, assuming standards are placed about 10m apart. Ordinary 20-line steel wire fence with droppers at 1,5m (not recommended) requires 1333 ties, with droppers at 1m (half good), 2000 ties, and with droppers at 50cm (recommended), 4000 ties. Therefore an ordinary steel wire fence requires between 18 and 55 times as much tying labour and time.

Spectacular advantage is using Heavily Galvanised BONNOX® Close Mesh! We now supply a heavily galvanised fence at no extra cost. This results in about 3 times longer life expectancy in all areas when compared to the usual normal galvanised fences. As the ultimate cost of a fence depends not on its initial cost, but rather on its total service lifespan you will now appreciate our astonishing offer of 200 per cent more mileage at no extra cost.

BONNOX® Close Mesh fence is unattractive to pilferers! There are no droppers to remove, no steel wires to cut and remove for making snares. With BONNOX® fence you save replacement costs and the lives of animals.

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