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Ringlock fencing
Introduction to our Flexi fence range

When it comes to uneven terrain the hinge joint construction can follow gradients up to 25 degrees of constant gradient ,steeper than that erection becomes more difficult.

Bonnox thus acquired a machine that utilises the Ringlock construction method.

This construction gives the fence tremendous flexibility ,the stay wires will always remain vertical no matter what gradient the fence follows –up to more than 45 degrees.

Only available in 1.47m,1.83m and 2.08m.







Horizontal line wire spacing100mm (4in), unless otherwise indicated.
• Spacing between vertical stay wires - 305mm (12")

• Spacing between vertical stay wires - 152mm (6")


Horizontal line wires:
2,00mm dia. high tensile steel wire - 415kg breaking strain.

Vertical stay wires:

2,00mm dia. mild steel wire - 220kg breaking strain

Now available direct from the manufacturer. Can you afford not to change to BONNOX fencing?
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